‘Super Nintendo World’ Theme Parks Are Coming And They Will Have Mario Kart Rides!

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Super Nintendo World


We are about to live in a world where there are Super Nintendo World theme parks that feature Mario Kart rides!!! The exciting news came at a groundbreaking ceremony at Universal Studios Japan this week.

The upcoming Nintendo theme park land in Osaka, Japan has an expected completion date of 2020, just in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. But fret not America, we will get our own Super Nintendo World theme park at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood after the theme park in Osaka is opened.

Universal Studios Japan is spending approximately $350 million on the new section of the theme park. Super Nintendo World’s signature ride will of course be based on Mario Kart. The ride’s vehicles will seat two people and will simulate a “drifting” effect. One rider will steer and control the speed of the vehicle while the other rider will have access to weapons to hinder other racers on the track. No word on if you’ll have to bring your own banana peels and mushrooms. /Film has some details of what we can expect at the Super Nintendo World:

The entrance appears to be a giant green warp pipe, which transports guests into Super Nintendo World. This is the perfect transition point to enter of leave this land. A central plaza which will probably serve as a meet-n-greet area for classic Nintendo characters (such as Mario, Princess Peach, Toadstool and Donkey Kong). The area Peach’s and Bowser’s castles, which will probably serve as entrances to some rides or eateries. A tall Super Mario Bros landscape with a flagpole on top of it, which will likely act as a photo point with animatronic Yoshis. Giant Piranha Plants, which may be translated in real life using audio-animatronics. We can’t tell which of these buildings is for the signature Mario Cart Ride, but since the video game places races in worlds based on the popular video game series, the attraction exterior may take on the location of the race. The theme park land will be two levels with attractions, shops, and restaurants. It’s unclear what the world will hold, but the area is being described as “interactive,” so probably expect some kind of technology like the interactive wands at Harry Potter.

Super Nintendo World Universal


Here is the video of the groundbreaking ceremony In Osaka.


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