Would You Look At This Massive Super Typhoon That Just Plowed Through Taiwan And Is Charging Toward China

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Time was, something like a super typhoon would come along once in a generation. Nowadays, they’re so common they have their own tag on this blog.

I’m gonna go ahead and call that not good.

Meet the second-strongest typhoon since the 70s, Super Typhoon Meranti. Yesterday, it topped out with winds of 190 miles an hour, making it the strongest storm of 2016.

It just finished battering Taiwan, dropping between 20-30 inches of rain on the island

Look at this shit.

It should be noted that between Patricia and Soudelor last year, Haiyan three years ago, and a bunch of others (remember Vongfong??), the world is now seeing cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons at a frequency and strength that was unfathomable in the 20th century.

Thanks, drastically shifting climate.

Meranti is set to make landfall in Eastern China on Thursday as just a Category 3 hurricane, with winds up to 140 miles per hour.


[Via Weather.com]

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