This Driver Is The Definition Of A Dumbass. See What He’s Doing? Do The Opposite Of That

There’s ‘bad driver’ and then there’s this complete and utter dumbass driving up the canyon road dragging the most inexplicable item a car should ever be hauling. It’d be one thing it was in the back of the SUV (because there’s room for it), but it’s not. Instead the driver of the 800hb supercharged Lamborghini Huracan came speeding around the curve in Spunky Canyon and found the dumbest driver in America hauling the dumbest item imaginable.

WHO THE HELL DRAGS A LOG BEHIND THEIR CAR? I get that it was probably too heavy for that person to throw into the back of their SUV, but to chain it up and drag it along the road? How fucking stupid can a human being be?! Not only is that a ridiculous safety hazard to all the other drivers on the road, it could also completely wreck that old ass Ford Explorer if it picked up any speed at all.

Seriously, if anyone ever asks you to define what a ‘bad driver’ looks like I want you to just show them this video and tell them to watch it. I’m not joking, bookmark this post right now because it’ll come in handy in the future if someone calls you a bad driver or if someone’s thinking of doing something completely idiotic..then you can just show them this video and go about your business. (via r/videos)