This Survey Found That Women DO Want Sex As Often As Men And The One Thing Holding Them Back Is 100% Fixable



According to a survey taken by 500 conducted through the app Kindara, women apparently don’t feel like they’re having as much sex as they’d like to have. As a chick, I totally believe this — hell, I’d like to have more sex too. Wouldn’t anyone?

Over half of respondent said they do not have sex as frequently as they desire.

Almost 75 per cent of women want to do the deed more than three times a week and an energetic 13 per cent crave it more than six times over seven days.

When it comes to performance, nearly three quarters of women say they orgasm during every sexual encounter and ‘many’ do multiple times.

Just more than half of the women quizzed by Kindara said that emotional connection is key to having ‘good’ sex, while 23 per cent disagreed and said foreplay is more important.(via)

However, there’s this one teensy-tiny problem that, again, I totally believe because I’ve been there and it makes me want to claw my eyes out, keeps women from boning away into the wee hours of the night:


…and all the other shit they list down below:

However there is one factor that puts a stop to bedroom action – feeling stressed.

The female libido is also affected if women feel out of sync with a partner (28 per cent), are not in the mood (20 per cent) or struggle with their self image (20 per cent).(via)

Ate a big meal before you tried to shove your hand in my pants? GTFO I’m feelin’ fat. You backed into the side of my car and dinged it all to hell? Yeah, you can kiss that blowjob goodbye. I can turn myself on and off like a goddamn water faucet baby, even just LOOK at me wrong and I’ll snap instantly from a lush pool of rain to a crackled piece of sandpaper.

Tl;dr: be nice, don’t piss her off, don’t be a shithead and you’ll probably get laid more.

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