Police Responding To Report Of A Suspicious Car Find It Packed To The Brim With Puppies



On Wednesday, police in Independence, Missouri received a call about a suspicious looking vehicle. It was packed they said, with something that didn’t seem right.

Was it terrorists? An ISIS automobile stuffed to the gills with explosives?

Nope. It was dogs. A whole heck of a lot of dogs.

Look at all the goddamn dogs.


From the Independence Police Department’s Facebook page:

Yes, this really happened today! Each day is different for a police officer but this definitely doesn’t happen very often.

Officers were dispatched to 23rd and Harris to assist Animal Control on an unusual call. Someone thought it was suspicious when they saw about 20 dogs in a car. It turned out that these rescue dogs were all well taken care of and just on their way to a dog show. They are all trained and apparently have their own special talents. Some of the little ones are still in training and only know how to give kisses.

The cops even got to take pictures with the pups.




Call me crazy, but I’d take that over a terrorist any day.

[Via The Dodo]