New Fitness App Will Find You A Workout Buddy And Possibly New Sex Partner Because Screwing Is Exercise

by 3 years ago
Couple Working Out


Most dating apps help people find a sex partner who eventually becomes a workout buddy. This new fitness apps does the opposite. It matches people up to workout together and then possibly bang if everything goes cool on the treadmill.

SWEATT, a free New York City-based dating app launching nationally this week on iTunes, is geared toward the fitness community. Users answer questions about their fitness routine and are matched based on their lifestyle, fitness and wellness preferences.

At the moment, SWEATT is a dating app, according to its founder. A dating app with a heavy emphasis on the other type of hanging and banging. “I really believe that people will create really amazing friendships around it,” SWEATT founder Dan Ilani told AM New York, “and that will be fantastic, but for right now, it really is a dating app for the fitness community.”

Ilani explained that the app isn’t 100% foolproof. A serious lifter could get matched with a yoga nut or a CrossFit junkie could get matched with a normal person. It’s all going to be about sharing as much about your fitness regime as possible and hoping to find someone with the same passion.

SWEATT will save you hours of time trolling Instagram and Tinder for pictures of women working out.

[via AM New York]

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