Australian Actor Shows Up To 4/20 Protest After Dude Gets Busted, Gives Must See Interview

Alex Romano is an Australian actor whose most recent IMDB credits list ‘Jimmy the Junkie’ from ‘Housos vs. Authority’ in 2012. He’s not the best known actor in Australia, but people know definitely him, which makes this video all the more legendary (he appears on camera around 1:21). Today’s officially the unofficial Stoner Christmas: 4/20. It’s the one day a year when stoners and casual smokers alike get together to engage in everything from the sharing of a joint to Bong Olympics.

Over in Sydney 4/20 obviously started quite a bit earlier than it did stateside as they’re 14 hours ahead of the east coast. And much like many of the peaceful protests that will be taking place across the USA today, Sydney’s weed advocates banded together to hold a sit in outside of what appears to be a courthouse. All things considered, it doesn’t seem like the most brilliant location for a protest in which you’ll be engaging in illegal behavior. That said, if you’re trying to make a point then it’s a pretty damn good location to choose.

So we’ve got Alex Romano, aka ‘Jimmy the Junkie’, and he’s hopped on camera right after we’ve watched a guy get nabbed for smoking a joint, and his baked girlfriend followed up his arrest with a somewhat nonsensical support of his actions. Alex gets on camera and hops right into his ‘Jimmy the Junkie’ character and CRUSHES IT.

But why did I spend so much time harping on the fact that this man is a professional actor?

1.) I don’t want this clip to end up on FOX News as evidence against stoners, and how marijuana is a gateway drug to heroin.
2.) This man’s obviously a talented actor, and he deserves more parts. To hop into character like that for the sake of a TV interview shows some pretty awesome acting chops.

If you’re looking for the film footage of ‘Jimmy the Junkie’ you can find it here:

P.s. HAPPY 4/20, BROS!