Tourists Running Up Rocky Steps In Philadelphia Run Into Sylvester Stallone, Take A Selfie

Sly Stallone Beverly Hills Cop

A trio of tourists hitting up one of the most tourist-friendly spots in Philadelphia got the surprise of a lifetime. And you’ll be insanely jealous of their good fortune.


After running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, they heard a voice behind them bellow:

“You guys got up here pretty fast. You’re making me look bad.”

They turned around. It was Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone.

“He was walking around with some of his family,” according to Rick Rowe, Pete’s father, who posted the item on Facebook, along with a picture the three college students took with Stallone atop the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This is really the epitome of a “pics or it didn’t happen” story. Thankfully Stallone was his typical gracious self.

“Yes, it was very fun both for Mr. Stallone and the surprised visitors,” confirmed Michelle Bega, Stallone’s publicist. “When he visits the steps . . . he prefers not to make an event of it – just be with the fans in a genuine and happily surprising way.”

Stallone was in town to film what will be the seventh Rocky movie, titled Creed. Stallone, playing Rocky, takes on the role of his old trainer, Mickey, to train the son or grandson of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s rival in the original movie and his friend in sequels.

Another Rocky movie? That’s just what the world needs.

The downside of this story, of course, is that every dude living in Philadelphia will be forced to schlep visitors to the steps on the offhand chance the living legend will be there.

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