This Dad Dumped His Kids Off In SYRIA So They’d Learn To Appreciate War While Playing ‘Call of Duty’

Is this a little extreme? Maybe. But will this dude’s kids actually appreciate the game they’re playing and realize that war and guns aren’t something you just casually fuck around with? Probably.

” A father took his two young sons who are fans of war games to Israel and Syria to a dramatic bid to teach them about the harsh realities of war and the devastation caused by the use of guns…

Mr Helgegren…was inspired to take his sons on the trip after they asked if they could buy the new violent shooter game when they were eating dinner last year and he became concerned that they did not understand the impact of war.

He decided to make a bet with his two sons – if they visited an area which has been plagued by war and tension and spoke to citizens there, then they would be able to play any video game they desired on their return.

Mr Helgegren said he took his sons to a clinic in the camp and asked medical staff to explain what it is like for children their age to live there.

‘They were told about three boys who were in wheelchairs after being shot through the spine with rubber bullets. He explained it to them by saying “No more football practice’.

The father said he told his sons: ‘You don’t see this in the game but this is what you can use a gun for. Guns are being pointed at children your own age.’
‘I wanted to show them how you can use guns to uphold something. I am not trying not to make it a political issue. It is about oppression.'”

Via Daily Mail

My main question here is whether or not Helgegren held up his end of the bargain and bought his kids the COD game they wanted. Have you ever sat through an awful vacation without complaining just to get the reward at the end? Because I have, and I can’t tell you how much blind fury you feel when your parents decide to gyp you instead and you realize you just sat through a cumulative 10 hours of historical tours through Williamsburg for nothing.

In all seriousness though, this should be a pre-requisite for all the little 12 year olds playing COD and screaming cusses over the microphone just because they can. Check out pictures from their trip below:




[H/T Daily Mail]
[Images via Carl-Magnus Helgegren]