T-Mobile Promised Free Pizza To Any Customer That Downloaded Their App And All Hell Broke Loose

T-Mobile made a simple but stupid promise to its customers — as part of the “T-Mobile Tuesdays” promotion, the cell provider promised “free pizza to all customers who downloaded its T-Mobile Tuesdays app.”

Bad idea.

T-Mobile customers responded by downloading the app in huge numbers and swamping Domino’s stores with three to four times their usual volume, leaving them unable to fulfill all the orders, according to a Tweet from T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

The high demand reportedly led to server issues for the app, and customers who didn’t order early reported that the offer had been discontinued. T-Mobile later said the problem was fixed and customers could get their free pizzas.

This wasn’t the first T-Mobile Tuesday promo but arguably the most successful. Other partners include Fandango, Wendy’s and MLB. Next week, they’re offering free Lyft rides. Probably to go and pick up the free pizza some people never got.

[via Yahoo!]