You Won’t See A More Spine-Jarring Tackle Than This Cop DESTROYING Man Attacking A Police Station With A Bat

See that guy with the bat? He doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to get absolutely REKT. Christopher Rivas was quizzically attacking the West Covina Police Department with an aluminum bat on Monday morning. The 28-year-old man seemed to be surprised that the glass didn’t shatter into smithereens despite hitting it with his weak AF Juan Pierre-esque swings. Three women seated in the lobby of the police department fled.

Turns out that when you attack a police department it’s probably a good bet to have your head on a swivel because there may indeed be cops everywhere. A West Covina Police Department officer, who was already outside, saw the bat-wielding man and decided to take action. The man had a dangerous weapon, which gave the cop an excuse to show off to everyone at work that he used to be a pretty decent football player back in high school. The cop lowered his shoulder and then lowered the BOOM on the man with a brutal tackle.

You could go an entire NFL season and not witness a tackle so utterly bone-crushing.

Not only did Rivas get absolutely pulverized but he also was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

Maybe hit the batting cages next time you want to take a few swings?