Award For Biggest Dickhead Goes To Ex-Taco Bell Exec Who Beat Up Uber Driver And Now Suing Victim For $5 Million



Move over Martin Shkreli, there’s a new despicable taintface eyeing up the title of “Most Hated Man In America.” Former Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden was arrested in November and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly hitting 23-year-old Uber driver Edward Caban. Golden is now suing Caban, who was the victim of the attack, for $5 MILLION!

Golden was clearly plastered off his fucking ass as you can see in the dashcam video that Caban recorded. Starting at the 2:15 mark, Golden can not keep his balance and falls to the left and right as the vehicle makes slight turns. Golden was not able to provide coherent directions to the Uber driver forcing Caban to pull over in a shopping center and politely tell his passenger that the ride is over and to please leave the car. Golden refuses, and then as he appears to be leaving he unleashes a rage-fueled attack by sucker punching the driver from behind. Golden pulls the hair Caban and slaps the driver until Caban is able to defend himself with pepper spray.

“I grabbed the pepper spray from my center console and put it under my right thigh and flipped my camera around…as [I] always do when my spidey senses start tingling…We went back and forth a bit before I told him if he [didn’t] get out [I] would call the police. At which point he opened his door and began beating me over the head. I fumbled with the safety on the pepper spray while trying to protect my face with my other arm, I broke free from him grabbing me by the hair on the back of my head, and sprayed his face until he got out of the car, at which point [I] left the vehicle.”

In November, the driver sued Golden for more than $25,000 in damages. Then in December, Golden filed a cross-complaint claiming that Caban illegally recorded him and posted the video to YouTube. Golden states that because of the intense media coverage, he suffered emotional distress, humiliation and he lost his job as a marketing executive at Taco Bell.


Court papers say that the driver was responsible for his own injuries because they were caused by the “negligence, fault or carelessness” of Caban himself. Did Golden and his lawyer not watch the video of him bitch-slapping the Uber driver?

Golden’s lawyer, Courtney Pilchman, said she will seek to have the video dismissed in the criminal trial because it was illegally made. Pilchman also called the Uber driver “quite the opportunist.”



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