Taco Bell Be Getting Itself a Dollar Menu


World-renowned Mexican small plates offshoot of El Bulli Taco Bell is finally implementing a menu tactic its competitors (Boqueria, Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc in Yountville, and the last few remaining California Pizza Kitchens) adopted a long time ago.

A Dollar Menu. One dollar, one item. A one-to-one transaction, wherein you get an item after handing over a dollar. How many more explanations do you need? You know the one McDonald’s has? Exactly like that, but with Mexican food.

They are calling it …

Dollar Craving Menu. Shall we break it down? Oh, yea, we fucking shall.

Please note, I have read nothing about these items and am analyzing them solely by looking at their pictures.


Frito Fucking Rice Wrap: Are those flecks of cilantro on that rice? Wow. High. Class.


A Quesadilla: Hey, now. Let’s not leave our comfort zone.


Goo Tubes!: Have you ever had Go-Gurt and been like, man, I wish this yogurt was cheese and this plastic was tortilla. Me too. Me too.


Slopfest Sans Fritos: Why would you ever order this? Let me get the one without meat and Fritos. You know, the bitch one.


OMG OMG OMGS: These are good.


Quesadilla 2: Return of the Quesadilla


Warm potato taco: This actually may have a basis in real tapas.


Flat Disc O’ Food: How do you eat this?


BBQ Sauce Nachos: But it’s fusion! Fusion cuisine is hip.


Empanada: Guys, we aren’t reaching the Argentinians. We need something to reach the Argentinians.


Cinnamon Twists: That was easy.

You can read all about it for reals here. It looks pretty good

[Images via Taco Bell; Huge H/T to First We Feast]

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