Dear God, Taco Bell Is Launching A Jalapeno Popper That’s Inceptioned Into A Jalapeno Popper-Flavored Burrito


Taco Bell

It’s the Taco Bell Jalapeno Popper Quesarito! Whereas most restaurants that serve a jalapeno popper leave it unvarnished (for what is necessary to add to a jalapeno stuffed with creamed cheese?) Taco Bell say eff that weak shit.

Their jalapeno popper is wrapped in a tortilla, which is filled with jalapenos and cheese.

That’s right.

From Brand Eating:

The new test item looks to meld the essence of a Jalapeno popper with the current cheesy Quesarito.

It appears to include sliced jalapenos and cheese sandwiched between two flour tortilla wrapped around a filling of crispy jalapenos, Latin rice, nacho cheese, reduced fat sour cream, and a choice of seasoned ground beef, shredded chicken, or steak.

I’m not entirely sure I correctly analyzed what’s going on the correctly, because it’s a lot, but it sure sounds like some sort of jalapeno-popper-inside-a-jalapeno-popper-type shit.

It’s currently being tested in Charlotte, North Carolina and retails for $2.49.

We can only hope it goes nationwide.

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