Taco Bell Started A Petition To Get A Taco Emoji For You Phone

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It is 2015. We have Nike MAGS with Power Laces, just like Back To The Future II predicted. We have astronaut jackets and shoes you can hide your booze in. How the hell do we NOT have a taco emoji on our cell phones? How can we text our friends when we’re bombed that our craving for a cheesy gordita crunch MUST be satiated at all costs? Pizza and hamburgers have their own emojis, but tacos are still shafted.

That’s stoner food discrimination. And Taco Bell wants to change that.

Taco Bell started a Change.org petition to make a taco emoji a reality. So far they have over 23,785 petitions and are just 1,215 short of their 25,000 goal.

Make it happen, Bros.