Tall Bro Comes Up With A Business Card To Answer Very Basic Questions Everyone Asks Tall Dudes


It gets a little annoying when people ask you the same old questions about your physical appearance all the time. Like, for example, my man boobs and beard make me look a lot like The Hangover-era Zach Galifianakis. So almost every single day of my life a bartender, bouncer, baristra, or clerk at Rite Aide asks me “You know you look like that guy from The Hangover, right?” Which puts me on the following mental trip: “Yes. I know. He has a name — Zach Galifianakis. Do you even watch Between Two Ferns? How haven’t you seen it. No, I am not a one-man wolf pack. Yes, like Alan I am deeply insecure.”

You get the point. At 6’7″, Redditor NewtonJesse recently revealed an interesting strategy for this dilemma. His tall friend has people consistently has people making comments about his height. So rather than answering them, he just hands them a business card to get it out of the way without opening his mouth.

Yes, I am tall

I am 6’10”

(No, I’m not kidding. Yes, that is tall)

No, I do not play basketball

I play volleyball

Yes, seeing the tops of everyones head is weird.

Yes, the weather is nice up here.

This has been a great conversation.

Bet he slays on Tinder, tho. If I’m 6’7″ you better believe I’m throwing that shit in my Tinder bio.


I kinda want to see a room full of really tall dudes recreate the American Psycho business card scene with their witty business cards.

“I break ankles as a big guy in Stuyvesant Town pick-up ball…. That’s bone. And the lettering is something called Silian Rail.”

Scene ends with dinner at Dorsia.

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