This Is Probably The Worst Beer Keg Tapping In History, Complete With Multiple Fails

by 3 years ago

Everything’s different in Europe. We’re on the Imperial system, they’re on the metric. We have beer taps for kegs which are easy to install, they’ve got heavy wooden mallets that fuck everything up.

When I first glanced at this clip that a buddy sent me I figured the ‘fail’ was the initial part where the dude with the heavy wooden mallet destroyed that chick’s beer stein…I was wrong. The largest of the disasters came when the dude sent a volcano of beer exploding across the room.

Was this his first time tapping a keg? Perhaps. Is it more likely that this dude was a little drunk while trying to tap that keg. I’ve been told that every German boy learns to tap a keg at the age of 9 and tapping a keg is part of the test to get your driver’s license in Germany. So I’ll go with ‘this guy wasn’t sober’ as the only plausible explanation of why he bungled things so badly.

(H/T Tastefully Offensive)

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