People From All Around The World Taste Test The Worst Tasting Liquor On Planet Earth

by 3 years ago

I’d never heard of Malort until today, but apparently it’s almost unanimously ranked amongst the worst tasting liquors on the planet. Malort is distilled in Chicago by the Jeppson’s Malort company, and based on the things I’ve read and seen in the past hour or so it tastes like a cross between insecticide and flu medicine. According to that article, the only flavoring found in Malort is the Wormwood herb, a natural herb that’s so bitter it is used to kill parasites living inside of your stomach.

I’ll be honest, after reading through Thrillist’s ‘14 things you didn’t know about Malort‘ and watching this clip above from Hunter Hobbs, I’m actually interested in tasting this liquor myself. If it’s so heinous then why does it exist in the first place? There has to be a fantastic use for this spirit otherwise it wouldn’t exist, right? That’s my logic.

Even if it is the most god awful spirit on the planet, you can’t deny the slogan is amazing: “Malort, kick your mouth in the balls”.

[H/T TastefullOffensive]