Need Another Reason To Hate Taxi Drivers? Watch This One Attack An Uber X Car Because He’s A Lazy Douche

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Taxi cab drivers worldwide are terrified of Uber because it means they can no longer skate through life without meeting market demands. The entire taxi industry is a roaring dumpster fire of ineptitude and laziness, and these entitled pieces of shit would rather hold protests and do things like block ambulances from hospitals instead of getting better at their jobs. And not only are these taxi drivers stopping ambulances from saving lives while protesting Uber they’re now attacking Uber cars and their passengers.

Just look at this fuckstick piece of shit cocksucker mother fucker:

There are few things in life I hate more than entitled taxi drivers and people that don’t care about getting better at their jobs. If these pieces of shit want to keep the industry overpriced and stagnant then they deserve to lose their jobs, it’s as simple as that.

As for what’s going on in this video the CBC reports:

In a shocking scene caught on video, a taxi driver was dragged more than 20 metres in downtown Toronto while confronting a driver working for the ride-hailing service Uber.
The incident happened as cab drivers across the city were converging on city hall to protest Uber, which they say is flouting city bylaws and cutting into their bottom line.
The cabbie, who identified himself to CBC News as a taxi driver with 22 years of experience, confronted the driver of a white Honda Civic on Bay Street near Queen Street West, close to city hall.
An Uber Canada spokesperson called the incident “frightening,” and said the company has spoken with both the driver and passenger who were in the Honda. Neither was harmed.
The confrontation begins when the taxi driver pounds on the window of the Honda as it’s stopped near a traffic light.
“This is UberX,” he says, with news cameras rolling.
The man then tries to open the driver’s side door of the car while pounding the window. The car accelerates and drags the man before eventually coming to a stop at another red light.
The Honda drives through the intersection, leaving the cab driver standing in the middle of traffic.

Taxi = Bad.

Uber = Good.

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