Best Taylor Swift Parody Ever Is About Shaking It Off After You Take A Pee



The story behind this homespun Taylor Swift parody is that it comes from college kids who were “very bored and decided to make a music video.” The subject of said music video? What it’s like for guys to shake it off after taking a piss. No joke, the lyrics to the chorus — set to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” — are literally: “I’m shaking, I’m shaking, I’m shaking my dick. I’m not jerking off, I’m shaking my dick.” They packed the music video with all sorts of weird Easter Eggs too, like this guy smothering his face with peanut butter for no real reason:



Randomness like that makes the world go round. As stupid as it sounds, such a situation literally applies to every single dude on the planet. It’s catchy as hell in a way that I will probably be singing every time I use the bathroom this weekend. Outstanding work, bored college Bros.

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