Teacher Fired For Pulling Chair Out For Student — While He Was Sitting In It


Another day, another student and teacher altercation. This little dustup happened in a middle school in New Haven, Connecticut. A student wasn’t listening (shocking) and the teacher decided to pull the chair out from under the kid while he was still sitting in it.

Bad move.

The teacher was just hired by Bailey Middle School this past summer. Since he’s still a probationary employee, the district fired him immediately but the police involved in the investigation so it ain’t over for the hardwood Houdini.

The only enjoyable part of that story was the account of Mr. Rocco Cimino. They interviewed him for the story AND HE DOESN’T EVEN ATTEND THE FUCKING SCHOOL. How fucking lazy are news reporters getting? They couldn’t find anyone from the school to comment, so they found a kid who “lives near there” as if the student falling out of the chair echoed throughout the neighborhood.

They wanted to interview a resident who “once dropped of canned goods” and had a strong lead on “a guy who put up drywall a couple summers ago.” Both fell through.

[via WHDH]

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