Teacher Hands In Resignation Letter Explaining Some Of The Issues In Schools Today And It Must Suck To Be A Kid

I’ve got two kids. The little bro is in kindergarten and the girl is in pre-school. The boy has been in a real school just over two months and he’s already getting homework assignments. The work is nothing a 5-year-old can’t handle, but still, homework?

Little kids are already under a ton of pressure in school. Teachers are under a ton of pressure to jam pack days with as much “learning” as possible. It’s only going to get worse. How much worse all depends on where the kids go to school. Take for example, the school system where this former teacher and new mom worked before she handed in her resignation. Her letter wasn’t the typical “see ya when I see ya” missive. She dropped some truth bombs that have parents freaking the hell out. First, her background:

Teacher Wendy Bradshaw recently had her own kid, and it seems like holding a baby that might someday pass through America’s educational system lit a fire under her ass to speak out about how terrible that system has become.

Bradshaw worked in Florida’s Polk County and specialized in younger children, infant through fifth grade. The strict standardization that higher grades have been subjected to for years has been making its way down, beginning to touch even pre-schoolers with test-based learning. This forces teachers into narrower and narrower teaching plans that aren’t conducive to actual learning.

After sending in her letter of resignation, Bradshaw posted it on Facebook where it has now been shared over 50,000 times.

Here’s Bradshaw’s letter:

Today I resigned from the school district. I would like to share with you what I gave them. Feel free to share it if it…

Posted by Wendy Bradshaw on Friday, October 23, 2015

Drops pencil and mic.

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