Teacher Suspended For Mocking Student’s Name On Her Facebook Page

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Bad Teacher

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I’m glad I’m old. I can’t even imagine my youth if Facebook existed. Not only because of the possible interaction with other students but the potential, and accidental, interactions with teachers. It was awful just bumping into them at the mall or grocery store. I’d freak the hell out if all the bitches I hated from 8am until 3pm randomly popped up in my Facebook feed.

A teacher in New Jersey (naturally) was suspended for mocking a student’s name on her personal Facebook page.

“Yvette Nichols, a tenured teacher at Pines Lake Elementary School, admitted to allegations that she posted comments on her Facebook page ridiculing the student’s name, such as, “I want to ask the parents if I can change it” and “I still can’t get over the student’s name!,” according to the Board of Examiners’ ruling.”

Because getting bullied at school for it probably wasn’t enough. It’s always best for even the administrators and teachers to bully a kid. Teach him there’s NO WHERE to turn for help.

And the worst part of this entire story — NO ONE WILL TELL US THE KID’S NAME!!! Here’s all we know from her testimony and the newspaper story about the incident.

“Nichols conceded that ridiculing the student’s name was immature and “based solely on the fact” that a syllable of the name sounded like a common English-language expletive.”

And let the guessing of his name begin…..now.

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