Teen Allegedly Jaywalks In Front Of Car, Driver Goes NUTS Dropping F-Bombs On His Head Until Motorcyclist Intervenes

This is one of those times where the dude with the camera should’ve just fucked off. Assuming everything the guy having a meltdown says is true, the kid walked in front of the car while he had a green light and nearly caused an accident. While the driver clearly isn’t handling it with much (read: any) grace, I get where he’s coming from — this kid could’ve been killed. The guy’s upset. He’s freaking out and all the while the kid is just standing there like “Dur….traffic lights.”

Does that excuse him from verbally abusing the shit outta this kid? No. But it’s the same reason my dad screamed at me for throwing a glass jar up in the air and letting it shatter all around me — I could’ve gotten hurt. And being that dumb and blas√© towards it is an upsetting thought in itself.