Teen Arrested for Throwing ‘Project X’ Style Party, Hilariously Conducts Interview with Fischer-Price Microphone


Australian party kid, you’ve met your match. And what he lacks in one-liners, he makes up in props.

19-year-old Nathaniel Gray was arrested last week for distributing alcohol to minors and disorderly conduct, after he was caught attempting to throw a party the police had known about for days. The party was called “Project Nat,” and Nathaniel had promoted it on Twitter with the hashtag #ProjectNat.

Today’s lesson: Cops have Twitter, too!

Before the party began, the police were even kind of enough to tweet at Nat—who carries the handle @beerisrad and the Twitter name “Ferris Bieber”—to say his planned party would only lead to his arrest. Nat played dumb. Nat called the cops “b.”

Shockingly, the Salem police found the location of the enormous party and broke things up before the kids could even rage, bro. Ferris Bieber was booked. And his mugshot looks like something that’d run over the ending credits of the next teen movie of the week.//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

And then of course, Nat got the obligatory local-news treatment. Watch as neither the reporter or the anchor point out he’s using a FISCHER-PRICE MICROPHONE.

“Whoever showed up, they showed up,” Nat said. “Whatever they brought, that’s not on me…. I was not intoxicated, I had nothing in my car. So they can say whatever they want.”

“What can you do? That’s the Internet, I guess,” Nat said on how quickly news of the party spread. Swag.


Nat is due in court May 9. I kind of love this kid.