This Teen Chef Is Charging $160 A Plate For Dinner And People Are Naturally Jealous As Hell

Flynn McGarry Chef

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A 16-year-old whiz in the kitchen is getting his own pop-up restaurant in New York’s West Village. He’ll be charging $160 per plate.

Here’s more from Gothamist:

Starting September 12th, Flynn McGarry, age 16, will serve up his extra-fancy signature dishes three nights a week at the Creative Edge space on Barrow Street—he’s been regularly hosting a dinner series, dubbed Eureka, at his parents’ home in Los Angeles, and has thrown a few pop-up dinners in New York over the last year or so as well. Food & Wine reports that the menu will include dishes like sea-water-brined sea urchin with carrot cremeaux and coffee-pickled carrots and peanut Ritz crackers with foie gras terrine and sour cherry compote, only half of which are words I understand, and that the $160 menu has the option of an $80 wine pairing.

Getting into the game at age 16 is huge, though burnout by his mid-20s might be in the cards, but people are hating on Chef McGarry because of his parents and their influence, both socially an monetarily. People in the industry are ticked off because he’s not earning his spot in the kitchen by washing dishes and holding other positions before earning his chef’s hat. The main complaint is that his parents bought McGarry’s ascension to the top. To that I say — STFU.

It’s time that people stop getting all high and mighty about “doing it the right” way especially when it’s not the way they got into the game, any game, because it makes you sound like a jealous shit. First off, this kid has to have the chops. It’s not like he’s making cheese wiz infused Pop Tarts here. The kid is making some real classy food. Ask any chef during there days of dish washing and onion cutting if they would have taken advantage of wealthy connected people to skip a couple steps and move up in the kitchen food chain. Right now they’ll say “no, I learned so much” and bullshit you about the experience gained but their 21-year-old self would have said “FUCK YEAH, I WANT TO SKIP THE MINORS AND GO RIGHT TO THE BIGS!”

There are plenty of other wealthy parents throwing money around so their talentless douchebag offspring can live their dreams at an early age but at least this kid has the talent to back up the bills.

[via Gothamist]