DISTURBING: Teen Girls Charged With Animal Cruelty After Video Of Them Hurling Bunny Against Wall Goes Viral

A disturbing and shocking Snapchat video of three Florida teen girls laughing as one of them throwing a pet bunny rabbit against a wall several times has gone viral. On May 27, the unsettling footage was posted online to the Facebook group, Nassau County… Rants, Raves and Review, by Laura Morabito. You can heard the thud of the helpless rabbit get slammed into the wall, followed by the girl trying to kick the bunny.

“I don’t like to post these things, but she’s in our area and We have to find out who these little girls are,” Morabito wrote. “Please share guys, this is absolutely disgusting and not ok. Where are the parents?!”

The video was shared and soon went viral, even catching the eye of local authorities, which lead the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office to arrest the girls and charge them with animal cruelty. The three teen, 13 and 14-years-old, were not identified because of their ages. They were taken to the Duval Juvenile Detention Center in Jacksonville.

The bunny was taken to Nassau County Animal Services and they updated the condition of the rabbit, which included a broken leg.

The rabbit won’t be available for adoption for some time as he receives additional care following his ordeal.


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