Teenage Caught Stealing Liquor Defends Self With Bong

by 7 years ago



When caught stealing a bottle of Crown Royal by a liquor store security guard, you have two options: run or surrender.

At least, that’s what I was led to believe from my teenage days. But 18-year-old Nadeya Haile of Seattle, Washington, had a third strategy: bash the security guard in the head with a bong.

Haile, 18, had stepped out of the store when the officer confronted her. According to charging papers, Hailie’s 17-year-old associate then sprayed the officer with pepper spray.

The guard grabbed the girl, who then tried unsuccessfully to shock him with a stun gun, a King County Sheriff’s Office detective said in charging papers. Haile is alleged to have then hit the man in the head with a blue glass bong she’d been carrying in her purse.

Overcome by the head injury and the pepper spray, the guard released the young women. When deputies arrived, the man was bleeding from a cut to his head that took three staples to close.

Whoa. Shit got crazy. Haile was caught using security camera footage and charged with third-degree assault.

[Bong via Shutterstock; H/T Death and Taxes]