Teenager’s Laptop Straight Up Bursts Into Flames Four Times In One Night, Which Is Comforting (Video)

Via The New York Post:

A California teen was surprised when his laptop, which he wasn’t using, spontaneously started smoking and eventually sparked flames. After unplugging the device and taking it outside, it ignited three more times.

Welp, the technology revolution is alive and well. It first started with vape pens blowing the faces off every Chad on the planet (a necessary extinction), and now our main sources for porn and creeping on ex’s Facebook pictures have had enough. I don’t know about you, but I’d go home and hug your laptop for a little longer tonight. And maybe unstick the keys and get rid of those porn-induced viruses that have made your laptop slower than 2007 Jonah Hill in a 40-yard dash. You not only owe it to the computer, you owe it to yourself, you deranged fuck.

P.S. Gotta lotta love the dude holding the video game controller straight up chilling when the laptop explodes. Smoke more weed, bro.