Teens Are Doing the ‘Condom Challenge,’ and Here’s the Disgusting Video

I'm not a teenager, and the glee that vast numbers of kids are taking in either siding with Bruscia and Plowman, or spending hours writing out long messages to bash them, totally baffles me. I genuinely don't understand how the two kids have hundreds of thousands of followers, and how a cottage industry has sprung up among teenagers over obssessing about things that are deliberately un-enjoyable. My time to care about this stuff has long past, and this makes me feel old.


I thought about this today while watching similarly idiotic kids trying out the “condom challenge,” which is as disgusting as it sounds. To “win the challenge,” you essentially have to not die: You snort a condom up through your nose and release it through your mouth, without choking to death. The lethalness of the challenge has made it all the more appealing for copycats.

We're all idiots at 14. Not all of us had delusions of fame, a YouTube account, a ton of free time, and a webcam, though. It's a ridiculously volatile combination.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]