Teens Find New Way to Smoke Pot; Society Doesn’t Fall Apart

My god, think of the implications. There could be kids smoking pot. Right now.

A report by NBC New York says teens are now using liquid and wax forms of marijuana with electronic cigarettes to get high.

More and more, people are smoking marijuana out of e-cigarettes and vapor pens — right out in the open with little or no fear of getting caught, users and experts say. 


Experts say marijuana doesn’t emit the telltale odor when it is smoked, in liquid or wax forms, in an e-cigarette or vaporizer. What’s more, since there is no flame, it’s easy for the user to stash in a pocket right after taking a puff.

/wanking motion.  

Call me crazy, but teenagers will smoke pot regardless of the law. Being a teenager is boring. Being stoned is not. This is not an epidemic along the lines of the Spanish Influenza that will cripple the world. My generation smoked a ton of pot. We are now productive members of society. The generation before sold it to us. They are productive members of society. We will all be okay, no matter how “kids these days” ingest their THC.

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