Television News Is A Whole Lot Better When It Includes Multiple Phish References

by 1 year ago

Katy Tur (…”terrrrrrr!”) from NBC News is pretty unabashed about her fandom for the band Phish. The other week when Rachel Maddow faked out the news cycle with Trump’s tax return from 2005, Tur starting slinging Phish references on Twitter.

Today she led a panel about White House intel on MSNBC, teeing up “my friend, my friend” Jake Sherman, a reporter from Politico and noted member of the Phish-loving media illuminati (side note:…there’s a lot of us). There’s a solid “Bouncing Round The Room” reference, which fits for the subject:

In true Phish form, this wonderful moment of #WeAreEverywhere is best enjoyed as a setlist:

Like fee, we’re all just out here trying to live a life that’s completely free.


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