Tennessee’s New State Rifle Is So Powerful It Could Kill A Building

When you think of Tennessee, what comes to mind? Leisurely hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains? Mouth-tingling bites of hot chicken in Nashville? Volunteers football?

How about guns so powerful they could take a chuck out of the moon if you aimed them at the sky?

That’s fucking right. Tennessee’s got a new state rifle, and it could kill a building.

It’s the Barrett .50 caliber, and it can bring it, dubbed “among the most destructive weapons legally available to civilians in the United States,” by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (so you know it’s legit).

The gun received the designation because its inventor, Ronnie Barrett, is a born and bred Tennessean. Republican state senator Mae Beavers said, in support of the distinction, the rifle “honors Tennessee’s ingenuity and manufacturing.”

It will stand alongside the tomato, which is Tennessee’s state fruit. Wanna watch it blow up some things?


[Via The Washington Post, H/T Mediaite]