Tesla’s Autopilot Feature Predicts Highway Car Crash Before It Even Happens, Saves Driver’s Life (Dashcam Footage)

by 2 years ago

A Tesla driver from The Netherlands has uploaded his dashboard camera footage to YouTube and found instant viral success. In it, we can see Tesla‘s autopilot feature predicting an accident on the highway by sensing the car that’s TWO CARS AHEAD OF HIM braking rapidly. Somehow the car’s autopilot picked up the SUV in front of the sedan that we can see in this clip.

How did it pick up the braking of a car that was two cars ahead on the highway? I don’t have a fucking clue, but it’s remarkable. That’s when the Tesla autopilot system instantly engages its brakes, most likely saving Frank van Hoesel’s life in the process because that was one brutal accident.

In 24 hours this video’s already picked up over half a million views and there’s no end in sight to the virality of this footage. Frankly, it’s blowing my mind grapes. The autopilot system slammed on the brakes while the car was traveling ~110km/h (69mph), and narrowly missed a potentially fatal pileup on the highway.

For the all the criticism that Tesla’s autopilot system has endured in recent days, I can see footage of a disaster clearly avoided here all because of this futuristic technology. Big ups to Tesla for creating a product that’s light years ahead of the industry.

(h/t r/videos)

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