A Texas Firefighter Fought Fire with Nature’s Greatest Gift: Beer

Yes: Firefighting skills. This is in the common beer can's arsenal. We know this factoid thanks to Houston first-responder Capt. Craig Moreau, who came across an 18-wheeler with smoke pouring from the brakes on Monday and doused the flames with Coors Banquet beer.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“The brakes had caught and the tire was burning,” said Moreau, who initially fought the fire with a small extinguisher the driver had on board.

“I crawled underneath and thought we'd got it out but it flared back up,” said Moreau, who was off duty at the time. “So I said to the driver, 'what have you got in here?'”

“It's beer!  It's all beer,” the driver said of his cargo of Coors Banquet beer.

Moreau said the pair started spraying and shaking cans of  beer as fast as they could. Meanwhile, the tire continued to burn and eventually exploded. 

Fortunately, the beer worked and the blaze was eventually extinguished.


YEAH. TAKE THAT, people-who-call-American-beer-too-watery. Let's see your fucking 10.8 ABV German stout do that.

[H/T: Time