In Texas, You Can Apparently Legally Kill Escorts Who Stiff You

GIlbert faced life in prison. His defense team argued that the shot wasn't meant to kill, and that it was justified because it came as Gilbert attempted to “recover his property.” Texas' “nighttime theft” law allows you to “use deadly force to recover property during a nighttime theft.” Amazingly, this worked, even with the prosecutors arguing that the law shouldn't apply to someone committing an illegal act. (i.e. Paying for sex.) Gilbert got off.

Here's how he celebrated:

Gilbert, 30, embraced defense attorneys Bobby Barrera and Roy Barrera Sr. with tears in his eyes after the not guilty verdict was read aloud by state District Judge Mary Román.

Outside the courtroom, Gilbert thanked God, the Barrera family and the jury for being able to “see what wasn't the truth” and for the “second chance.”


Come the fuck on, dude. You just got off away with killing a hooker based on a weird legal technicality. If you believe in God and you believe hell exists, you're probably going there.

[H/T: Gawker; Shutterstock]