Texas Mom Rips Off Son’s Scrotum, Then Superglues It Back

Authorities have charged 34-year-old Jennifer Marie Vargas with assault after she attempted to pull off her 6-year-old child's scrotum. Vargas admitted to the FBI last month that she inflicted the injury while angry at her son. 

The details churn the stomach. Vargas grabbed so hard that she ruptured the sack, causing a severe laceration. The mother attempted the treat the wound with alcohol and then superglue, stuffing the boy's underwear with paper towels and sending him to bed. It was only when his father, U.S. Army Specialist Samuel Simpson, returned home that the crying 6-year-old was discovered and taken to a hospital. Surgeons discovered a four-centimeter long tear and significant bruising. They, thankfully, were able to repair the physical damage. (The mental, on the other hand…)

Vargas, who is a civilian living on a San Antonio military base, was arrested this past Wednesday and charged with assault resulting in severe bodily injury. She is currently held without bail until an Oct. 28 bail hearing, at which point prosecutors plan to argue she stay in prison. Then she'll be hit by a long time in jail and—provided it exists—a nice stay in hell.

[H/T: Time; Image via Shutterstock]