Thanks To Glitch Or A Hack, Everyone Is Dead On Facebook RIGHT NOW

by 1 year ago


This might be the greatest Facebook glitch/hack of all time. Right now, Facebook thinks all of its users — or at least the ones in America — are dead. It’s posting it’s “in memoriam” message that it displays for the deceased.

Someone is gonna get the full wrath of Zuckerberg later today. Unless it is Trump/Putin’s doing and this is just a foreboding sign of our existence in the matrix.

Just a reminder that even a $100 billion tech company isn’t perfect. Just last night on Facebook Live Zuckerberg said that “the system is not perfect” — Boy did he get that right.

Here’s how my co-worker Cass shows up:


Facebook even thinks its own founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is dead:

The Internet can’t stop laughing about it:


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