That Word Women Hate Just Got Added a Bunch of Times to the Oxford English Dictionary


If you are one of those women who get really squeamish and upset about that word that starts with ‘C’ and ends with ‘T’ and has a ‘UN’ in the middle, look away, because I’m about to use it a bunch of times. Here, I’ll even give you some blank space below so you can safely navigate away without seeing it. So no complaining about this.







Okay. CUNT. The Oxford English dictionary added seven different kinds of cunt to its list of words this month. Here they are, in all their cunterific glory. Because they really are great (and I assume all are used in modern Britain on a regular basis).

Cunted: Under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol; drunk; high.

Cunting: An intensifier, used to describe something unwanted or undesirable.

Cuntish: Like a cunt (objectionable person).

Cunty: A highly objectionable person.

Cunt-lapper: Lesbian.

Cunt-bitten: I couldn’t find a definition for this one (I guess the online OE isn’t up to date yet. But try making up your own).

Cunt-sucker: Someone who performs cunnilingus.

Now I will try to use them all in a sentence: The cunty, cunt-sucker (who was also a cuntish cunt-lapper), was cunting cunted.

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