The Billionaire Founder Of GoPro Is Buying A SICK 180-Foot Custom Yacht


GoPro founder Nick Woodman is a Bro. Earlier this year he pulled the Bro move of the year by letting his college roommate exercise an option for 10% of GoPro worth over $200 million, making good on a promise he made him back at UC-San Diego.

Now he’s spending some of that hard-earned fortune on a new toy: A 180-foot Amels yacht, which CNBC says sells between $35 to $40 million. CNBC notes it has space for 14 guests and 12 or 13 crew members, along with a “beach club” area on the stern, a helicopter landing pad, and a Bond villain-esque Jet Ski lair. The Dutch-built yacht will be delivered in 2017.

It’s also pretty expensive to run a leisure vessel like this:

Typically, a 180-foot boat like this would cost around $3 million to $4 million a year to run, including crew, fuel, maintenance and docking fees, according to yachting experts.

Screw the price tag (and the fact that GoPro stock has lost something like 200% in value this year!)… Look how sick Amels yachts are! Want, want, want:


A photo posted by AMELS (@amelsholland) on

EXCELLENCE AT SEA #Amels #YACHT #amelsholland

A photo posted by AMELS (@amelsholland) on

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