LGBT Community Welcomes Vice President Mike Pence To D.C. By Throwing A LIT AF Dance Party Outside His House

You know who loves dance parties? *Two thumbs gesture* — This guy. Donald Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence is infamously unfriendly to the LGBTQ community, which is pretty freakin’ un-Bro regardless of your sexual orientation. So last night a number of D.C. based members of the LGBT community welcomed the VP to the neighborhood with a dance party, complete with a Whitney Houston “Dance With Somebody!” singalong and chants of “Daddy Pence, come dance!,” according to GQ.

Kind of a bummer there’s some much political gesturing by the GOP that he didn’t come out and dance a little bit. After all, it was a welcome party, not a protest. Who doesn’t show up at their own welcome party? That’s just bad manners.

Thought the Midwestern good ole boys of the Grand Ole Party would be better than that.

Matthew 19:19 — “Honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Who says no to a dance party? Do you suck a bibling, Bro?


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