The Future Of Silencer/Suppression Technology On Guns Has Just Arrived, This Device Is Next-Level Badass

Russ Oliver is the founder and president of OSS (Operators Suppressor Systems), a company that’s in the process of changing weapon suppression technology as we know it. After several years in the military Russ Oliver went on to launch his company and spent half a decade getting laughed at by people who said his design would never work, until finally he found himself in a room with some of our nation’s greatest minds who were completely in awe but the incredible design that he’d come up with.

In this video Russ Oliver tests out the 5th gen version of his Flow-Through Suppressor, and it’s fuggin’ amazing how quiet this device is:

My feeble little mind cannot even begin to comprehend how much money he’s going to make off of this once the U.S. Government puts in their first order. He’s going to go from a moderately successful entrepreneur to being virtually a billionaire over night…That is IF the U.S. Government ever puts in an order, which they should. (h/t Reddit)

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