The Rock Has A Burn For All The Jabronis Making Fun Of His Sleeve-Buttoning Pose

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There’s a funny little meme making the rounds on Instagram about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson buttoning his sleeves. Cass Anderson posted it on the BroBible Instagram the other day:

@therock takes his pics one way and one way only (via @masipopal)

A photo posted by (@brobible) on

Look, Dwayne. We know that you look like a $200 million man in a suit. We’ve all watched Ballers. But what IS up with the sleeve button thing?

When The Rock finally addressed the pic, he called out jabronis like us with some A++ hashtag burns:

#MyWristMusclesKeepBreakingTheCuffs #MyNextPoseWillBeUnbuttoningMyPants

See, this is why The Rock is the man. The dude knows how to make fun of himself. If only other celebrities didn’t take their celebrity status so damn seriously.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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