The ‘Today Show’ Made Matt Lauer Wear a Short Suit and It Was Weird

by 5 years ago


One of the perks of being an old person is having the television tune itself to the ‘Today Show’ every morning. It is, after all, the only program that can deliver the latest news and zesty summer grilling recipes with perky friendliness.

I must admit that I’ve grown quite fond of the people on the show, includin Matt Lauer. The guy is better at his job than pretty much everyone on earth.

So maybe that’s why it was so hard to watch his misfortune this morning.

A fashion segment touting unconventional dressy looks for guys somehow spiraled out of control, and the result was Lauer strutting the catwalk in this short suit.


I’m no sartorial savant, but I’m pretty sure the short suit is not going to happen. Not in America, at least.

The veteran host predictably remained professional and resisted the urged to complain about his outfit a la Jerry Seinfeld in a puffy shirt.

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