Bad News, The Sex Park Titled ‘ErotikaLand’ Isn’t Happening After All

Nearly exactly a year ago, the world was promised that we would be getting a sex-themed amusement park complete with a sex playground and erotic games. Bad news, the sex theme park called Busch Gardens, err I mean ErotikaLand is not going down.

ErotikaLand was due to open next year in Piracicaba, Brazil, but plans have been scrapped because of a recession in Brazil.

The park was a project by sex toy distributor Soft Love and a group of businessmen said, “For now, the park project has been postponed for the reason of the current economic plus political crisis that Brazil has been facing.”

The park was expected to have a 7D vibrating movie theater, a nudist pool, snack bar selling aphrodisiacs, and a “train of pleasure.”

Thrillseekers were barred from banging in the park.

“If attendees want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel — which we will operate,” said Mauro Morata, the businessman who was behind the project.

Sorry, you won’t be coming on the roller coaster and the sex park isn’t coming either.