There Are 4.7 Million 23-Year-Olds, Which Means There are More 23-Year-Olds In America Than Any Other Age


Yesterday the New York Times published a wonky business/marketing trend piece about the millennial generation, which reads exactly like every other trend piece ever written about millennials (“they go to college! they can’t find jobs! they live with their parents after graduating! they spend money on video games! they do their own thing! they don’t want to get married! they aren’t buying houses!”).

The most interesting tidbit I walked away from after reading it, however, is that there are more 23-year-olds in America than any other age. That’s a shit ton of 23-year-olds!

There are more 23-year-olds — 4.7 million of them — than any other age, according to census data from June. The second most populous age group was 24, and the third was 22. There is no official age range for millennials but the generation generally is defined as being born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. By 2020, they will account for one-third of the adult population.

According to the NYT’s chart, the next age to even come close is 56.

23 is a good age. So is 24 and 22, though you don’t really start getting comfortable with your career and settling into your life until like 27, which is also a damn fun age. If you’re fortunate to be in a good financial state at the age of 23, you’re probably going to have the best damn year of your life. Very few people are, though, because college is expensive and jobs for recent grads don’t pay that much.

Then again, if Blink 182 was right about anything, it’s probably the age you’re the most cocky and annoying to the rest of us adults, you spoiled 23-year-old brats. JK!

24, though:

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