These Are The 40 Ingredients That Go Into McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, Including 1 Ingredient Used By Shoe Makers

Let’s be real here: if you’re eating at McDonald’s you clearly do not give a fuck about your body. I get that if you’re in a rush and it’s the only option available sometimes you’re just fucked, but for the lot of you who eat it on a daily/weekly basis? Y’all don’t care. If you did you wouldn’t be clogging your arteries with heaping masses of “Sodium acid pyrophosphate” or “monocalcium phosphate,” aka 2 of the 40 ingredients that go into McNuggets.

And yes, that is correct – technically the only ingredients needed in chicken nuggets are chicken, breading, egg and oil to fry them in. Here’s what McDick’s has added to what was once a stupid-proof recipe via Ingredients: A Visual Exploration Of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products / Mirror:

01 White boneless chicken
02 Water
03 Food starch-modified
04 Salt
05 Autolyzed yeast
06 Salt
07 Wheat starch
08 Natural flavor (botanical source)
09 Safflower oil
10 Dextrose
11 Citric acid
12 Sodium phosphates
13 Natural flavor (botanical source)
Battered and breaded with: 14 Water
Enriched flour:
15 Bleached wheat flour
16 Niacin
17 Reduced iron
18 Thiamine mononitrate
19 Riboflavin
20 Folic acid
21 Yellow corn flour
22 Bleached wheat flour
23 Food starch-modified
24 Salt
25 Baking soda 26 Sodium acid pyrophosphate
27 Sodium aluminum phosphate
28 Monocalcium phosphate
29 Calcium lactate
30 Spices
31 Wheat starch
32 Dextrose
33 Corn starch
Prepared in Vegetable Oil:
34 Canola oil
35 Corn oil
36 Soybean oil
37 Hydrogenated soybean oil
38 with TBHQ
39 and Citric Acid to preserve freshness of the oil
40 and Dimethylpolysiloxane to reduce oil splatter when cooking

According to Mirror, dextrose is a sugar that is also used by shoemakers to make leather more pliable. Honestly that shouldn’t be that big of a deal though – most of these ingredients double in other areas. I use water in my bong but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it when making spaghetti, right (clean water not bong water, ew). In reality, this probably isn’t going to stop anyone from eating at McDonald’s – although hopefully it’s enough to deter enough people that maybe the fast food giant will put some effort into making their food less craptastic.

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