These Are The Deadliest Animals In America, Aka The Ones Most Likely To End Your Life This Summer

When the warm Summer months hit there’s an instinctual migration of everyone in America to spend more time outdoors. It makes perfect sense given how the Winter months are too frigid for most people to be spending hours outside. Everyone wants a tan, to feel the warm sun on their skin, to swim in whatever body of water that is closest (Atlantic, Pacific, The Gulf of Mexico, Lakes, Rivers, etc). One side-effect of all this additional time spent outdoors is humans coming in contact with animals much more frequently, and this often leads to unfortunate accidents.

The Washington Post put together an infographic showing the deadliest animals in America as determined by the number of deaths between 2001 and 2013 (according to CDC records).

Here’s a smaller, more digested version from the DailyMail:

Animal-related deaths don’t even register a blip on the radar when compared to heart disease or traffic accidents, but it’s still good to know what to watch out for this Summer: BEES!!!!!

Watch out for bees.

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