These Donald Trump Supporters Can’t Distinguish His Words From Hitler’s! Make America Great Again!

by 3 years ago

Yo, listen to these Donald Trump quotes! They’re great, right! Yeah, awesome! Trump 2016, what a powerful message! Let’s Make America Great Again! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! We’re weak right now but Trump is going to make us strong! Make us great (again)! Just listen to how empowering these quotes are!

Wait…what’s that? Hitler actually said those words? Not Trump? Wait, you’re joking right? Who’s Hitler? Oh, that crazy dude who started WWII, right? Yeah, I don’t support him…do I? Nope, “I’m not down with racism.” You sure Trump didn’t say those words? Nope? Well, fuck.

Listen, in all seriousness I don’t even know what to say about this video other than it highlights the massive population of our registered voters that are uniformed AF. And that’s the scary thing. Like the one dude who’s probably voting Trump because his Chinese manufactured ties (!!!!) are like three for $24 at T.J. Maxx, and that’s a great fucking deal (for three shitty ties)!

Trump Tie

Can’t make this stuff up, man. There’s an quote at the very beginning of Vanilla Sky when David’s confidant Thomas Tipp exclaims “People will read again!”

Goddamn, that can’t start happening soon enough.

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