These Insane Swimmers Won’t Let the Snow Stop Them From Getting Those Laps In

by 3 years ago

In a word: why? Apparently the rational course of action amidst what’s ranked as one of the worst winter hellstorms of all time is to dig deep—perhaps in the liquor cabinet first—snag a speedo, and get your laps in as you ignore your testes steadily ascending toward the pit of your stomach.

In the snow. When it’s still dumping Paul Bunyan sized dandruff flakes. And it’s literally illegal to drive round town; and the National Guard’s busy rescuing packs of numbnuts that stranded themselves in spite of the overwhelming surge of broadcasted storm-is-coming-stay-the-hell-inside-warnings.

In case you’re a part-time vegetable, and you just came out of a long stay abroad in a comatose cave; you should note that the east coast has been fucked seven ways from Sunday by a snowstorm that’d stop big Dennis Quaid in his tracks.



Let’s take a moment and pay our respects to the Finnish madcaps that actually compete in an event solely dedicated to this insane activity. Suffice to say that any dude out there with a big enough set of stones to dive headfirst, generally exposed into the snow deserves a massive mug of congratulatory booze.

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